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Our company’s main activity is packaging oysters.

Our oysters are put in baskets one by one and stored flat so that they keep their water, thus guaranteeing better conservation. Each basket has a health label on it.

Once the baskets are closed, they are dispatched on pallets according to their destination and loaded onto refrigerated trucks.

We make it a point of honour to meticulously make all our baskets. Our expertise, rigour, quality and freshness are what we require of ourselves as a company in order to satisfy our customers

*Deciphering a health label :

–       The health mark (identification and number of the approved dispatching establishment and the date of packaging)

–       The statement « these shellfish must be alive at the time of purchase »

–       The country in which they were farmed

–       The weight

–       The calibre number

–       The name of the species

*   source: the French national shellfish aquaculture committee