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Tips and nutriments


A fresh oyster must be firmly closed. The smaller the number, the bigger the oyster. So you would choose no. 5 and no. 4 for an aperitif, no. 3 and no. 2 for a starter. The largest sizes, no. 0, and no. 1 are ideal for cooking.

Oysters can be eaten at any time of the year. Not only from September to April, the so-called “R” months, where they are fleshy and crunchy, but also until June.
Note that between July and mid-September, oysters are milky.



Keep your oysters in their original basket or put them flat: they must always rest on the domed part. Put them in a cool, airy place at a temperature between 4°C and 6°C. (Refrigerator).
The vegetable compartment of a refrigerator is also suitable. When they are stored, they will keep all their freshness for about ten days.


Open your oysters at the last minute; throw away the first water and enjoy the oysters in the second water that they make quickly. Serve the oysters very fresh by arranging them on a bed of seaweed or coarse salt for decoration.


*source: the Normandy General Council



Oysters are not only a festive product but also “excellent” for health.

It is a complete digestive tonic, rich in quality proteins, abundant in vitamins and minerals, and light: in roughly 8 oysters, there are only 70 calories.

They contain :

  • Iron and magnesium, excellent in fighting fatigue and lack of concentration.
  • Potassium, for proper heart function.
  • Copper and manganese, which together with iron, contribute to blood regeneration.
  • Calcium, which is essential for bone formation and proper cell function, and selenium , which slows down the aging of arterial tissue.
  • Phosphorus, sodium and fluorine (which limits the occurrence of tooth decay) and iodine often lacking in diet

The oyster is a natural aperitif (causing the secretion of gastric juices) while being very digestible (with a relatively short digestion time).

As a natural product rich in essential nutrients, oysters are a perfect part of a balanced diet.